Matomo Calendar Controls

How to Use the Matomo Calendar  Here we demonstrate how to use the Matomo Calendar function to select the time period for your report views Calendar Display Navigation There are down arrows on Months and Years to open dropdown boxes, where you can select the month or year, to display in the calendar for selection. … Read more

Malmö looks to Matomo for better Privacy

Digital Health Companies and Organisations in the Public and Private sector within Malmö and the wider region of Skäne are increasingly concerned about ensuring that web privacy data is being handled correctly. There are requirements for these organisations to make sure that data is kept within the country of Sweden and privacy is strictly managed. … Read more

Tracking Lead Generation with Matomo

Landing Pages and forms are the bread and butter of lead generation. With Matomo Tag Manager the job of tracking forms is made easier. The old way of tracking form submits is to add tracking code to the form element. Naturally this requires developer intervention and can be time consuming. There is an easier way; … Read more

Increase Sales using Google Analytics 4 Custom Events

Google Analytics is the most widely used free tool for Sales and Marketing. The new version of the software Google Analytics 4 has improved their events and properties tracking features.  Every interaction in the new architecture is considered to be an event including page views or screen views if you are using an app. Any … Read more