Migrating to Google Analytics 4

The process of migrating from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is becoming more necessary for organisations. Not only to make the most of the new features this brings, but also as Google will in time start to enforce the transfer.

Already Google is pushing to make Google Analytics 4 the default for new Google Analytics accounts. In time as previously with the roadmap of the Universal Google Analytics rollout they will move customers to the new version as standard.

We can help you make this transition a smooth process. We will help you to run both versions in parallel; so that you can keep hold of your legacy reports and data. Giving you the time you need to get trained up and onboarded.

Google Analytics 4 Real Time Dashboard
Example Google Analytics 4 Real Time Dashboard

There are two key considerations when planning to transfer over.

Firstly, there has been a change in how events and conversions (goals) are structured making them more flexible. But requiring that they be recreated in Google Analytics 4. This is where we can help you to make this a smooth transition and help you to improve on the past.

Secondly, reporting and particularly customised reporting on conversions and interactions has changed. Google Analytics 4 has an Analysis Hub where you can create your deep dive reports. These reports are not directly transferable from Universal Google Analytics. We can help you to make the changeover and enliven your reports with the new enhanced visualisation features like funnels and steps, now reporting for a much broader range of data.

We have been working with Google Analytics since it was first released in 2005.

Feel free to contact us for all things related to Google Analytics from planning your measurement strategy, creating measurement plans to configurations, installations and migrations.