About us

Thomas Svensson

Senior Advisor for both national and global B2B and B2C companies as well as for organisations within the public sector on issues regarding online visibility, on-site behaviour and conversion.

Active since 1997 within web development and internet marketing extensive experience developing projects and campaigns along with troubleshooting issues.

Since 2013 working with IHM Business School, focused on ecommerce and digital analytics, member of the board for digital analytics specialist education.

Peter Loleit

Agency Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing with over 20 years of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce expertise building high growth, high revenue (£4m+) Direct To Consumer (D2C), B2C and Ecommerce businesses across diverse industry sectors including Luxury, Retail (Clothing, Fashion, Furniture) and Travel.

Provided training via Chartered Institute of Marketing for Google Analytics, Web Analytics and SEO

Achieved double digit annual growth through E-commerce Technology and Operations and Search Engine Marketing. Delivers End-to-end project management, effective team leadership, leverage marketing and technology skills to deliver tactical and strategic initiatives.

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”